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Government & Community Relations

Community Relations is an essential function of any successful business, refering to the various methods companies use to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the communities in which they operate.

A Community Relations develops:

  1. Strategy and programs designed to represent a company favorably, and 

  2. Make positive contributions to the community.

Our role is to nurture relationships between your company and employees, external organizations, the media, and within local and virtual communities. We also support marketing initiatives and act as a representative of the company at corporate or public events. Put simply, the role of T.S. & F. Consultant and Management is to develop and maintain a positive relationship with everyone both inside and outside their organization.

T.S. & F. Consultant and Management involves much more than persuading legislators.

Our principal elements include:

  1. Public / Private Partnership Development

  2. Building Community Collaborations

  3. Public Policy and Legislation Development 

  4. Legislative Research and Monitoring

  5. Congressional Relationship Management 

  6. Government Approvals Acquisition

  7. State Legislature Relationship Management 

  8. Regulatory Compliance Administration

  9. Manage Government Relationships

  10. State Legislature Relationship Management 

  11. Political Consultant

  12. Regulatory Compliance Administration

  13. Public Infrastructure Investment Development

  14. VA Benefits Claims Preparation 

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