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Veteran Benefits & Claim Services

Our team assists veterans with increasing their VA disability rating by assisting them with the filing and preparation of VA claims process.  Our veterans deserve what is owed because they have served and those that are still serving.  We educate our veterans on the VA claims process during the complete preparation process through various sources. T.S. & F. Consultant and Management provides information on key resources available to our veterans that are diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) whether it is combat or military sexual trauma (MST) for assistance.


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Identifying the Problem & Providing Solutions

Veteran Service Benefits Problems

Biggest Problem - Many veterans are not knowledgeable of their rights to their benefits.

The VA isn't proactive with separated Veterans when it comes to disability claim.

The VA is giving lip service to Veterans' at the time of separation.

Medical treatment for Veteran's is hit and miss after separation.

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Specific Pain Points Surrounding The Problems

Most Veteran aren’t looking for compensation, at the time of separation.  They just want to go home.

The VA promised to take care of veterans after serving voluntarily.  This is a pipedream for a lot of Veterans.  Many Veterans are still waiting for this promise to be fulfilled.

Most Veterans don’t know how much money is on the table for claims and how much they are entitled too.

Since Veteran have been programmed to not complain on Active Duty, they aren’t going to start complaining after they have been departed from service.  Complaining represents a sign of weakness in the military programming of the culture

Those who are courageous enough to file a claim, get denied, because they don’t have a clue on how to properly file to begin with.

Too many Veterans are weeding through, the competent, the want-ta-bees, and thieves, trying to get their claims in and through the convoluted/confusing system.

SOLUTIONS By T.S. & F Consultant & Mgmt.

Resolutions & Solutions Moving Forward

Screening Veteran’s records for possible compensation impairments.

Educating Veteran on the claims and compensation process.

Pointing Veterans in the right direction/agency for help now and in the future.

Showing  Veterans what was discovered within their medical file for possible future claims/compensation.

Having their official military medical records/ military personnel files/VA and/or civilian medical records to be audited/analyzed for 12 months

Educating Online


One-on-One Coaching

Develop strategy that matches the veterans claims/situation

Service formulate to match the need of the veteran

Provide additional list of resources for veterans (combat

Access to private Facebook group

Offer financing to veterans for our service to apply for claims

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