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Real Estate Project & Development Management

Our team assist in the guidance of the development of a building or a building consisting of apartments, residential homes/community, or converting an existing building or a part thereof into apartments, residential, or the development of land into plots or apartment, as the case may be, for the purpose of selling all or some of the said apartments or plots or building, as the case may be, and includes the common areas, the development works, all improvements and structures thereon, and all easement, rights, and appurtenances belonging thereto;


Our team works activities and projects together to help an all-encompassing business drive, for example, a:


  1. Real Estate Development Team and Management 

  2. Real Estate Development Financing

  3. Neighborhood Revitalization Planning

  4. Residential Property Rehabilitation   

  5. Mortgage Portfolio Securitization and New Construction Management Planning

  6. Real Estate Tax Credit Packaging 

  7. Residential Property Rehabilitation and New Construction Management

  8. Commercial Property Rehabilitation Management

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